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Kitchen Renovations

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904 N Belgrade Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Plan your kitchen & bathroom rejuvenation

While the kitchen is the heart of every home, the bathroom is essential. As time brings more updates in cooking style and bathroom textures, your existing kitchen and the bathroom feel old and boring. Don’t worry; we can refresh them with all the trending things. So, without delay, give your home a touch of luxury.

First-grade construction

The years of experience and numerous projects made us experts in planning and remodeling any monotonous home into intriguing heaven.

What we do

We have a vast customer base that praises our efforts and skills. We offer you a proficient plan to fulfill all your kitchen and bathroom requirements when you approach us. We are experts in refurbishing low functioning homes very smoothly. Our team’s tough grind led us to give unique plans to the residents of Silver Spring.

Join our journey of creating a lively building with colossal potential that offers modern functionality without compromising the traditional base.

You can pack your kitchen efficiently and keep the essential things aside to use during the remodeling process. Additionally, it would be best to prepare a temporary kitchen in your house.

The general workflow goes as follows:

  • Select your remodeler
  • Create design
  • Select and Order materials
  • Building approval
  • Demolition
  • Deliver materials to the apartment

James B Remodeling offers a free 3D design according to your requirements.

As time brings new updates, you should also consider adopting them. For example, kitchen remodeling offers better functionality and enhanced value to your home.