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Heated Floors in Bathroom

Flooring Bathroom Remodeling

Heated Floors in Bathroom

Do you know how you can add the epitome of luxury without having to spend exorbitant costs? The answer is simple – with heated floors in bathroom. The heated floors indeed deliver warmth and comfort with high intensity. When the bathroom is full of heated floor, it will lower the temperature by 6 degrees. Further, we will explore some things about heated floors in bathroom to help you get an idea about how to install heated floors in bathroom.

How to Install Heated Floors in Bathroom?

Heated Floors in Bathroom - James B remodeling

1) Measure the Bathroom Floor

The first step to installing heated floors in the bathroom is to measure the size of the area you need for heating. The pro tip excludes vanities, toilets, showers, or tubs under permanent fixtures. 

2) Acquire Necessary Tools

Now, it’s time to gather all the required tools and materials to ensure successfully heated floors in bathroom. The list of such things might include:

  • Undertile Heating Mats 
  • Thermostat with floor sensor
  • Permanent marker
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape

3) Test the Undertile Heating Mats

You or your professional team will check the heating mats before installation. Professional floor installers measure the resistance of the heating wires using a digital ohmmeter. The resistance should be within 15% of the resistance listed on the tag or in the manual for that model.

4) Inspect and Clean the Bathroom Subfloor

If you want crystal clear bathroom floor installation, it would be good to clean the subfloor. Ensure to remove dust and debris thoroughly to prepare for a bathroom floor.

Never forget that Good preparation is the key.

5) Install the Undertile Heating Mats

After pre-preparation, install the underfloor heating mats by unrolling the mat across the subfloor using tape or hot glue. For the proper fitting, cut the mesh but not the heating element. If you cut the heating element, the entire mat will be ineffective.

6) Position the Sensor

Put the sensor for the thermostat to sort the power of heating elements. If you are following DIY, place the sensor in a good location. 

7) Test the System Once More

Re-check the system to ensure everything is working correctly before installing the tile. The ohmmeter should still read that the system’s resistance is within range. 

8) Connect the Thermostat

The heated element system is now ready to connect to the thermostat. After connecting the thermostat to the underfloor heating system, temperature sensor, and line voltage, check the system.

9) Install Tile with Modified or Unmodified Thinset

Above all, you can now simply install the bathroom tile by applying a layer of modified thin-set over the heating elements and mesh. 

Heated floors in bathroom cost

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Heated floors in bathroom installation cost around $5-$12 per square foot for electrically heated mats, rolls, or cables with fixing strips.

The heated floors in bathroom cost highly fluctuates according to the work requirement and companies. So, call James B Remodeling today to analyze your bathroom and offer you a precise estimate.


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